7 Ways We Can Use Cuba

Cuba, our latest innovation, a tiny multi-functional smart device, has created large splash among people who is interested in creative gadgets. If you haven't seen its video introduction, you can see it here.


#1 The first one is so obvious, Use is as a wireless speaker

With 2 hour nonstop play time between each charge, Cuba provides much better stereo sounds than any smart phones.

#2 Remind you not to let your phone behind.

So many times, my Galaxy Note 3 was not happy with the pocket size of my pants, it slipped out. Without Cuba, I could left after a conference, a Taxi ride or at the coffee shop... Whenever that happens this little smart gadget will alert me.

#3 Remote Control the Camera on Your Anroid Phone

This feature works best with a portable phone tripod like iStablizer Flex. Make sure to follow these 3 steps

  1. While the Bluetooth on your Android phone needs to be set on, hold the button on Cuba down till it says 'Power On", then "Connected"
  2. Start the App "Smart Bluetooth Speaker", it should show connected on the right top.
  3. Click the button on Cuba to turn on the camera remote control mode, then every consecutive click afterwards, will shoot a picture by the camera

    #4 Phone Locator

    Just as the App menu said, you can also use it to locate your phone around the house by just pressing the button on Cuba twice.

    #5 Find Cuba

    On the flip side, you can also use your phone to track down cuba. Not only that, there are better use for this feature as the next one says.

    #6 Protect Your Valuables

    Hang Cuba on your valuable belongings. No matter it is at an airport or busy train station, Cuba will let you know when your bag, kid or pet are out of range. Even in a noisy environment, it will play a loud sound to make sure you can heart it, because it is a speaker by itself, too. 

    #7 Use it in the Car

    If you don't have a Bluetooth head rest car pillow or transmitter, you can hang Cuba on the rear view mirror, so you can still hear your phone hands-freely even when you are on the move.

    Feedback on the next Generation -

    So far from all the customers' feedback we received, there are a few things the next generation of Cuba needs to have -

    • Cuba can be used as a wireless speaker for any smartphone with bluetooth, but its tracking features only supports Android phones. We are looking forward to supporting iPhones in the next version
    • Cuba's cubic shape should be flattened down so it is easier to fit
    • The key chain ring on it is a little fragile, some of our customers replaced with their own rings. 

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