5 Reasons Why You Need A Soundbar For Your Home

5 Reasons Why You Need A Soundbar For Your Home

 Soundbars are a relatively new invention. As flat screen TVs get thinner, the more space for its internal parts become compromised. If you purchase a large TV with  Ultra HD quality or HDR colour, you would probably place it far from the couch or bed so you can get a good view of the screen – and the farther it is, the more you won’t hear the sound. It follows that your sound quality should also be excellent. This is why many people have started to buy sound bars for their home entertainment system.

What are Television (TV) Soundbars?

TV Soundbars provide high-quality audio with the use of a long cabinet, but some soundbars can be accompanied with subwoofers to create deep bass and make watching even more entertaining. They work like an all-in-one surround sound system wherein you won’t have to deal with a lot of cables to be able to use it.

Why should you buy a soundbar?

There are several reasons why people choose to purchase soundbars for their home entertainment systems. It includes:

  • Great Listening Experiences. Most sound bars have layers and layers of sound to a traditional listening experience. This layering was made possible because the rich sound comes from above the listener. Any sound you hear can travel in a variety of directions. In turn, you get a surround sound experience that’s better than ever before.


  • DTS:X sound. A soundbar can take this clear audio and magnify it, so you can get a full room-filling sound. Additionally, it can help to project it around the room.


  • Aesthetics. A soundbar adds  an organized and modern look to your entertainment system. They’re designed to be sleek, space-saving, and they appeal to people who like the more modern design.


  • Subwoofer. If you’re after that deep bass sound, you can purchase a subwoofer to add on to your soundbar. You can also find a soundbar that comes with an additional subwoofer included. This will let you experience the entire range of sounds each time you use it.


  • Audio Projection.As we mentioned above, soundbars can project the audio up toward the ceiling of your room. This will cause the audio to come from all angles when you use the soundbar. You’ll be able to immerse yourself with clear, room-filling sound.


It’s important that you roam around and compare other options, so you’re sure that you find the right soundbar that fits your needs. If you do this, you’ll get a sleek addition to your home entertainment system that gives you sharp, clear, and rich room-filling sound quality.

Check out Xoombot’s Home Theater Soundbar that features 4 full-range stereo speakers driving 40W total power with 80W peak power, that boosts your audio system with surrounding home theater audio & deep and rich bass. Other features include:

  • Remote and On-board Controls
  • Multimedia and Multi-Sources, Easy to Operate


Experience High-Resolution Authentic Sound with this slim sound bar.The sleek profile and modern design makes it a great match for any thin-profile flat screen HDTV. The Analog-Enhanced 5.1 Channel Audio System delivers rich, crystal-clear sounds to enhance any movie, music or gaming experience.

  • Ultra slim design perfectly complements the look of your TV
  • Deep, rich bass from dual built-in subwoofers
  • Bluetooth wireless music streaming from a smartphone or tablet
  • Simple set up with multi-connection input/output choices


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