What Can You Do With a Smart Plug?

What Can You Do With a Smart Plug?

Imagine this, you are out on vacation and you don't want your house look completely dark at night for, let's say over 3 days, you want to turn on some lights in different rooms and turn off at certain time. Here is what you want to do, get smart plugs in your house. It allows you to turn on and off the lights, appliances in your house from your smart phone and you don't have to be next to it.

Here are some best ways to use your smart plugs: 

  • Use it in your garden and yard
  • It's that time to light up your holiday lights again. You can turn them on from your phone before you arrive home. There is nothing more relaxing to see the warm welcoming lights up when you get home.
  • Pull off a perfect surprise party with it
  • Right before or after your guest entering the party room, you can turn on the music, light or what ever set up you have.  
  • Use it in your kid's room
  • Turn the lights off and turn the night light on, it's time for sleep.
  • Use it for your fur babies
  • If you have a pet feeder, you can plug it in smart plug, that way you can feed your fur babies at the routine time. Establishing a routine gives our pet a sense of security.
  • Use it to cook your meal
  • An old piece of slow cooker that works perfectly and you don't want to throw away? No problem, plug it into a smart plug. You can then set the timer from your phone to start and stop cooking.

There are all kinds of situations in our life a smart plug can help. Keep in mind that when you buy a smart plug, you want to choose the one that can handle fire as well as wet weather. Make sure the material is fire proof as well as meeting the standard waterproof level. If you use them outdoor, consider buying the ones that has socket covers. Socket covers will prevent the water, rain or snow get into the sockets. sockets. 


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