Adult Party Games - Awkward Turtle like Cards Against Humanity + Taboo Together

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  • Awkward Turtle - The Adult Party Game with a Crude Sense of Humor
    Built for 4+ Players, Ages 17+

    Launched in January 2015 - Thousands of People are Already Playing Awkward Turtle

    If you love Cards Against Humanity and you love Taboo, then Awkward Turtle is right up your alley. It is more irreverant (adult themed) than Taboo, but not as raunchy as Cards Against Humanity. This makes it a great game for a mixed crowd of people when you want to play something a little risque that doesn't go off the deep end.

    The game is simple - players divide into two teams (2+ players on each team). Each team elects one person to be "it" first. They then have 60 seconds to describe as many words as they can get you to guess correctly on the cards in the deck. The first team to score 30 points wins.

    Awkward Turtle uses dictionary style words. 352 of the most awkward looking, sounding and feeling words based on a large poll conducted on the internet to figure out what words messed with people the most. You'll find anything from "moist" to "penis" in the deck and all kinds of words in between.
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Here's what a few of our customers have had to say...

  • This game is a HIT!… The only suggestion would be MORE! More cards, more words, more fun, please! - sunnysongbird
  • It's the adult version of Taboo! Hilarious! - Kristina N.
  • Love this game, I was eerily good at it.... - Jennifer M.
  • The game was a total hit! Definitely not for the easily offended! - Amanda E.
  • This is a great twist on a familiar game. It gets tons of laughs but its slightly more difficult than it looks. My friends and I all love it! - Heather
  • Excellent game! I am relatively new to the crude humor card game world, so I was excited to find a new game to try. Awkward Turtle did not disappoint! - Avid Reader 16
  • Fun game-its like Taboo in a R rated version - “Laughalot TJL” 
  • This game can potentially be hilarious depending on who you play it with, there are some really funny words, and some that are unspeakably difficult depending on the crowd you play it with, it's also very simple….Some of the words are rather adult oriented, so this may not be the best game for kids, however its a great little party game for the price and for people who love games like Cards Against Humanity or Never Have I Ever..., a must for camping trips and small vacation excursions. - Corey N
  • Me and my friends love this game! It's a bit tricky at first to come up with the right clues to give, but after that, it's all fun and hilarious! My friend wants a deck so bad! - Lexi



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