Waterproof Multi-Function Fitness Tracker Smart Watch

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  • 【Smart Fitness Tracker】Track your exercise results 7 X 24, real-time heart rate monitor and sleep quality with comprehensive analysis of sleep quality data, help you adjust to a healthier lifestyle.
  • 【Light Weight & Delicate Thin Bracelet】interpretation of urban new fashion. 3D curved screen with touch point technology, easy to wear.
  • 【Compatible with iPhone & Android】It supports both Apple IOS & Android with Call & Message Reminder. Built-in Bluetooth allows seeing call, & SMS notification on your smart band to keep the phone aside. Built by IP67 waterproof and dust-proof standard, for usage during shower or rain.
  • 【Extra Features】The Bracelet can be easily charged by the BUILD-IN USB charging: take off the straps, there are two yellow metal pins on one end, plug this end to the USB port to charge it. The charging time is about 1 hour.

This product is designed as a fitness tracker, not intended to use for medical purposes.


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  • I luv my watch, but have 2 questions: [1] can I wear it in a shower? and [2] what are the green lights that occasionally appear from beneath the watch face?

    1. Try to avoid the hot steamy shower.
    2. The flashing green light at the bottom is the sensor for detecting heart beat, blood pressure etc.

  • I was able to finally connect the bluetooth on my phone but it is not letting me connect to the app, and the time and date did not change.

    - Open the WearFit2.0 App, on the home screen, click on Management -> Find Bracelet -> Connection Management-> Find the deivce name starts with GT105
    - Allow to pair.
    - After pairing, the time on the watch will automatically sync up with your phone.

  • can you turn off the watch from constantly tracking your pulse? sees to run down the battery quicker and it is hard for me to get the band off to charge

    It won't track your pulse if you tap away from the pulse screen.  If you can tab to the default screen, it will only tracks your steps at the background.

  • How do I change the date and time?

    - Download WearFit 2.0 from your APP store
    - Go to Management -> Connection Management -> find GT 105 and bind
    - After paired up with your phone, the time and date will be automatically synced.
    - You can also toggle between 12/24 hours system by going to Mine -> Settings -> 12 Hours (on/off)

  • Hello. Do you have to sleep with it on to track sleep or is there something you set in the app?

    Yes you will need to wear it on because it tracks your sleep through your body movement, which makes a useful indicator for measuring your sleep vs. awake status and your overall time asleep, as well as the quality of sleep.

  • does it come with a charger

    The smart watch has a built in charging port (see the last picture on the product page). It works with any phone USB charger or computer USB ports. See answers to previous question by other customers on charging directions.

  • Can I get a user manual? The one that came with the bracelet has gone missing!

    Please try to download the PDF instructions from this link, and you may zoom in to make the font larger -

  • Are replacement bands available for this Smart Watch?

    Yes, you can get it from this link.

  • I don't know what kind of Sun charger does it use?

    Any phone USB charger or computer USB ports can be used a a charger.

  • How do u charge it?

    Hi there!

    For the charging USB, please know that the side with 2 metal pin on the end of the smart bracelet needs to face the metal pin inside the USB charger. 

    Thank you!