20W 4 Port USB Fast Charger Power Strip 2 Outlet Surge Protector

  • $ 29.99

Living in a "smart" age,we have more and more power demand.Voltage fluctuations, surges and spikes can damage your computer and peripherals and degrade overall performance. XoomBot's Advanced Surge Protector is a simple solution that fits most household needs. It offers economical surge protection for PCs, mobile devices and electronics. It provides 2 AC outlets and 4 USB Charger Port. It even has room for a bulky transformer without blocking other outlets. A 4.9 ft. cord enables connection to a distant wall outlet.

Additionally, 2 5V 2.4A Smart Super Charging Ports based on "Smart" USB charging controller with "advanced power filtration" will detect attached devices and self-adjusted to the right current level, avoid any compatibility issue and supply reliable power for high-speed-charging capable iPad, tablets, iPhone and Android smart phones. Plus 2 extra 1A USB ports for regular charging needs.


  • 2X Outlets, 2X Fast Charge USB & 2X Regular Charge Ports to meet many power needs all at once.
  • Lightning-proof and Surge Protector Functions are perfect for your home office or professional workstation.
  • On-board switch for easy on/off.
  • Nice layout to fit all plugs including one for large bulky transformer. 
  • Universal outlets working for USA, Europe and Asian standards.