Bluetooth LED Light Bulb Wireless Speaker

  • $ 39.99

With simple, stylish, and multi-functional design,this Bluetooth LED Light Bulb speaker enjoys the patented exterior and optical technology; integrated with the leading-edge sound photoelectric technology. It works with any E27 light socket and supports a wide range of Bluetooth wireless audio profiles, making it compatible with almost all Bluetooth-enabled devices – including the computer, tablet, cell phone and all other digital audio players.
Products Specifications:
Model No. :  LM01
Power rating : LED 4.5W; Speaker 3W
Size: 50*L126MM
Working Volt:  AC110-240V
Frequency : 50-60HZ
Luminous flux : 260-300LM
Lighting Angle: 80-120 Degree
Chip Brand : Bridgelux, EPISTAR
Lamp specifications: E27
Face color:  Blue
color temperature:
warm white:2700-3100K
Is white:5700-6300K
operating life:10.000H
Standard of blue tooth:BLUETOOTH V4.0
Distance of blue tooth:≤15M
Drive unit:50MM
Amplifier power:3W
Frequency range:2.4GHz-2.480Hz
Bluetooth agreement:A2DPV1.2/AVCRPV1.0/DIV1.3
Product material:Aluminum +Rare earth light
signal to noise ratio:≥75dB
distortion factor:≦0.1%
Range of temperature:(-40°)—(+80°)
Compatible devices:with Bluetooth devices. Smart phone、MID、Computer、iPad、iPhone、iPod touch、etc.         
applied range:home、mall、office etc。
Instructions on Bluetooth pairing:
1. Turn on the Bluetooth of Mobile equipment (cell phone, tablet, PC etc),search Bluetooth named: “BB Speaker”.\
2. Manual operate to pair blue tooth and connected, warning tone sounds。(Usually no need put in password,if need password,put in“0000”or“1234”,then will be connected),low-tone warning tone sounds again when disconnect.
3.Connected successfully devices,will be connected automatic directly next time。
Remark:One BB speaker only can pair one Bluetooth devices.      
Audio play:mobile devices connect with BB speaker,mobile devices can play music, radio, movie etc。Sound volume will be controlled by mobile devices。
Coming Call disconnect:When cell phone connect with BB speaker, coming call will disconnect audio play, and turn to call mode。
Devices with Bluetooth V4.0 or lower version(details of the agreement, please refer to common specification), including iPad, iPhone ( with 3.1 OS or higher version ) ,iPad touch, MAC with Bluetooth, Smart phone with Bluetooth , Computer with Bluetooth, MAC with Bluetooth, etc.  
Bluetooth normally consists of the agreements: A2DPV1.2/AVCRPV1.0/DIV1.3


Safety Information
 Please avoid the severe blow
 Please be away Benzene, thinner other chemical drugs
 Please be away from intense magnetic field ,rain or wet environment
 Please avoid heating appliances
 Please do not disassemble, repair, reconstruction
 Please do not leave about the packing and the accessories
 Please do not arbitrarily discarded or set in fire, so as not to cause danger

For the benefit of longer life of the product and your health, especially your hearing, please do not listen to music in loud volume for a long time.
Please immediately turn off to prevent damages of product when the speaker fails to work during playing.
Please adjust and screw lamp holder of the light bulb speaker in right place to avoid the instability of connecting when playing.