FM Transmitter - Listen Phone Music On Your Radio

  • $ 16.99

Just recent, we realized the FM Transmitter is one of most popular gadgets on the market right now, so we paid our attention.


Originally, when I heard a word "transmitter", I would imagine electrons shooting frenziedly like laser beams. In physics world, but in real life, this gadget turns out really simple to use. Just as the following video shows,

Easy Step 1: Plug the transmitter into the earphone plug of your phone.

Easy Step 2: Turn radio to the same FM Frequency as shown on the transmitter.

Now, you can play music from your phone to the car radio or any radio. It even has built-in high quality microphone, so you have a phone conversation hands free.


A few other cool features of this transmitter -

  • A built-in rechargeable lithium battery with charging cable included.
  • There are over 200 FM frequencies so you can choose to use, so it pretty much works with any FM radios.
  • LCD displays frequency with back light.

So, with this easy-to-use FM transmitter, you can find all the old radio in your house to give them a new life. They will happily turn into a wireless audio speaker system for your smart phones, iPad/tablets, portable music players ...

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