Robot Air Purifier-AC-680

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  • 100% Ozone Free: Our Air Purifiers Do Not Use Uv and Ions Which Would Produce Ozone, Leading to Air Pollution and Lung Irritant.
  • 🌟Excellent Air Purifier: 2019 Advanced 3 stages Filtration: Fine Preliminary Filter traps dust, pet hair, and other large particles, True HEPA Filter helps to trap fine particles, like dust mites, airborne bacteria, pollen and PM 2.5, Activated Carbon neutralizes various odors, such as cooking smells, cigarette smoke, etc. Capture 99.997% of particles, minist to 0.3 microns in the air.
  • ✊40% Higher Efficiency Air Purifiers for Home: With its cylindrical filter design and cyclone technology, this air purifier takes in polluting air from 360° sides and filter up to 40% more air per hour and purify 40% faster than other air purifiers. 


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