Super Bright Solar Outdoor Light with Double Turn-able Heads, IP44 Waterproof

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  • SUPER BRIGHT LED LIGHTS: 400 LM with 7 of F10 LED lights in each if the 2 solar-powered lamps, to give you the brightness you need to see at night and to deter criminals.
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY CONVERSION OF SUN POWER: 12 hours lighting time after 10 hours of daylight charge, with innovative technology allows you to use solar energy to power this bright sensor light. It’s a great way to illuminate areas of your home while saving electricity!
  • IP65 WATERPROOF LAMPS: Both lamps can be turned to different angles to maximize light coverage so there is no blind zone
  • MOTION SENSOR CONTROL: Automatically turn on with infrared motion detector; and turn off 15 seconds after motion
  • EASY TO INSTALL KIT: This solar sensor light comes ready to install and includes the anchors and screws you need to place the light where you want it. User manual makes installation and set up simple!


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  • I purchased the Xoombot Solar-Powered Motion Detector Step Light with Double Heads from AARP. Can you tell me: 1) where I buy the replacement battery? 2) It looks like the battery is attached by a wire. Can you provide battery change instruction, e.g. how does one get the wire off the battery?

    1)It uses 14500 3.7V Rechargeable Li-ion 600mAh. You can find the replacement battery from our website
    2) To change the battery, you need to remove the 4 screws on the battery compartment that locate at the center of the main body. Make sure the battery is placed in the correct position.